Kiwi, also known as kiwifruit or Chinese gooseberry, is an edible berry derived from the woody vines of the Actinidia genus. This small, oval-shaped fruit is characterized by its fuzzy brown skin and vibrant green flesh, which encloses numerous tiny, edible black seeds. Originating from eastern Asia, kiwifruit is now grown in various parts of the world, with New Zealand being a major producer and exporter. Rich in vitamins C and K, kiwifruit is a popular addition to a balanced diet. With a unique tangy-sweet flavor and slightly firm, creamy texture, kiwi can elevate the taste of salads, desserts, and other dishes, or simply be enjoyed as a healthy snack. To consume, cut the fruit in half and use a spoon to scoop out the flesh.
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Kiwi FAQ
Kiwi, despite its fuzzy exterior, is a versatile and nutritious ingredient. The most common question when it comes to kiwi revolves around peeling and eating habit. Many people get it wrong by peeling the kiwi which can result in loss of the fruit's flesh. In actuality, the skin of the kiwi is completely edible and rich in vitamins and antioxidants. However, it's sandy texture may not be appreciated by everyone. Cutting it in half and scooping the flesh out with a spoon tends to be the easiest way for consumption. When it comes to getting the most out of your kiwi, slightly under ripe kiwis are perfect for salads or other dishes where you want a more stable, tangy bite. For a sweeter snack, letting them ripen at the room temperature until slightly soft to the touch can give you the desired taste. Chilling a kiwi before eating can further enhance its sweetness. Another lesser-known trick is to use kiwi as a tenderizer for meat due to its actinidin content. This enzyme can break down protein, making it an excellent natural tenderizer.
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Expiration & Storage Tips
When does kiwi expire?
Kiwis, when stored correctly, can last quite a long time. An unopened, ripe kiwi kept at room temperature can stay in good condition for about 1-2 weeks. If you place it in the refrigerator, you can extend its shelf life up to 4 weeks. For an opened kiwi, it tends to last about 1-2 days at room temperature or about 5-7 days in the refrigerator. If you've cut the kiwi but haven't eaten it all, make sure to store the remaining part in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Freezing isn't common for kiwis, but if you really need to freeze them, remember to peel and slice them first. They can last up to 12 months in the freezer, but they need to be thawed in the refrigerator before being eaten.
How do you tell if kiwi is bad?
Unchecked kiwis can spoil, and it's often easy to tell when they've gone bad. First, pay attention to the smell: if it smells alcoholic or has a sour, foul odor, it's gone bad. Next, you can look at the skin and the flesh. If the skin is wrinkled, mushy, or shows signs of mould, discard the fruit. The flesh should be a vivid green — if it's turned grey or brown, it's time to throw it away.
Tips for storing kiwi to extend shelf life
• Extra ripe kiwis should be kept in the refrigerator to prevent them from spoiling quickly. • Avoid washing the kiwis until you're ready to eat or use them to prevent unnecessary moisture which can lead to mould. • Kiwis ripen faster when placed in a paper bag with a banana or apple, so you can use this trick if you need to speed up the process. • To slow down the ripening process, keep them separated from other fruits in the refrigerator. • If you've cut the kiwi, cover the cut surface with a bit of lemon juice, wrap the cut surface with a wrap, or place it cut-side down in a small plate of water before refrigerating it to keep it fresh longer.
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