Ground Thyme

Ground thyme is a versatile spice that originates from the thyme herb. Closely related to mint, it's blessed with a robust, earthy flavor, and a slight hint of sweetness, making it a perfect addition to any dish that needs a splash of character. You'll cherish it in meat dishes, stews, and soups for that zesty note. Not just limited to savory, thyme's delicate flavor also finds its way into desserts, lending a unique fragrance and taste. It's a little sprinkle of magic that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.
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Ground Thyme FAQ
One of the most common questions when cooking with ground thyme is knowing how much to use in a recipe. As it is a potent herb, using too much can overpower the dish, while using too little won't bring out the desired flavour. People often go wrong by not properly measuring the thyme, or by substituting it with fresh thyme in the same quantity, which can significantly alter the taste of the dish due to the higher concentration of flavor in the ground form. To get the most out of ground thyme, remember that a little goes a long way. Start with a small amount and gradually add more if needed. In terms of pairing, thyme works well with other robust herbs and spices like rosemary, oregano and garlic. It is a key ingredient in many classic spice blends and is often used in slow cooked dishes, as its flavour can withstand long cooking times. A little-known hack is to rub the ground thyme between your fingers before adding it into the dish, as this helps to release the oils and maximize the flavour
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Expiration & Storage Tips
When does ground thyme expire?
Unopened ground thyme can last up to three to four years when stored properly. Even past the best by date mentioned on the container, its flavor can still hold up well, provided it's been kept in the appropriate conditions. Once the container is opened, it's best to use it within one to two years for optimal flavor. Ground thyme doesn't typically take to freezing well due to its powdery nature; it's usually best used directly from your spice cabinet.
How do you tell if ground thyme is bad?
To tell if ground thyme has gone bad, you can rely on three main indicators: smell, color, and taste. If the aroma has faded and does not have a strong scent when you sniff it, it's a sign the thyme might have lost its potency. The color can also become faded over time. If it looks dull or has lost much of its green color, it's a good indicator that it might not be at its best. However, the best way to tell is to taste a little bit. If it tastes less flavorful or has a stale or off taste, it might be time to replace your ground thyme.
Tips for storing ground thyme to extend shelf life
• Store your ground thyme in a tight-seal container to keep moisture and air out. A glass jar with a well-fitting lid works great. • Keep it in a cool, dark place—like a pantry or spice cabinet—away from direct sunlight and heat sources, like your stove or oven. • Do not use a wet spoon or introduce any moisture to the container, as it can lead to clumping or mold growth. • If you have too much ground thyme, consider sharing some with a friend or acquaintance. Spices are best when they're fresh and used relatively quickly!
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