Baby Corn

Baby corn, also known as young corn or miniature corn, are the second ear from the top of regular sweet corn that's been handpicked before the plant's been fertilized. Originating from East Asia, this versatile ingredient is popular in various types of cuisine including Chinese, Thai, and Indian. Baby corn has a subtle, delicate taste and a crunchy texture, making it a delicious addition to various dishes. It typically is eaten whole, including the cob. Consumed raw or cooked, baby corn is a great option for incorporating vegetables into one's diet. It is rich in fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals. Baby corn is often used in salads, stir-fries, sautés, and casseroles or can be pickled or canned for long-term storage.
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Baby Corn FAQ
Baby corn, also known as young corn or miniature corn, is particularly popular in Asian cuisine. It is versatile and can be consumed raw or cooked. It's both visually appealing and has a naturally sweet taste that can enhance the flavors of many different types of dishes. Yet many people are often unsure about how to prepare and cook baby corn or how to use it in recipes. People often go wrong by overcooking baby corn. It is tender and cooks quickly, so it should be added to dishes towards the end of cooking to retain its crunch and avoid becoming mushy. It can also be eaten raw in salads, providing a distinctive texture and flavor. To get the most out of baby corn, remember that it pairs well with various other ingredients. It goes well with bright flavors and spices, and can be added to stir-fries, curries, and salads. Baby corn can be grilled, boiled, or blanched as well. Little known tips to enhance your use of baby corn include lightly frying it in butter before adding it to a dish, or, when preparing baby corn for a salad, tossing it in olive oil and lemon juice then leaving it to marinate to enhance its flavor.
Can you eat baby corn cold?
Can I grill baby corn?
Do I need to cook baby corn before eating it?
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What flavours go well with baby corn?
Can I use baby corn in salads?
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Can I canned baby corn in place of fresh?
Expiration & Storage Tips
When does baby corn expire?
Unopened canned baby corn can last for two to five years past its printed date when stored in a cool, dark and dry place. Once the can is opened, the baby corn should be eaten within five to seven days if it is stored in a refrigerator properly. Fresh baby corn, meanwhile, should be used within one to two days of purchase for best results. If frozen, baby corn can last for 10 to 12 months but the quality will decrease after this time.
How do you tell if baby corn is bad?
When baby corn has gone bad, it will become limp and the color might darken. Fresh baby corn should be firm and bright yellow. If you notice any mold, a sour smell, or a slimy texture, it is best to discard the baby corn.
Tips for storing baby corn to extend shelf life
• Store fresh baby corn in the refrigerator in a plastic bag with small holes for ventilation. • Do not wash fresh baby corn until you are ready to use it as moisture can promote decay. • If you have already opened a can of baby corn, store the leftovers in a covered glass or plastic container in the refrigerator. Avoid using the opened can for storage as it may impart a metallic taste to the baby corn. • If you choose to freeze baby corn, blanch it first by plunging it into boiling water for one to two minutes followed by a quick immersion in icy cold water. This will help retain its flavor and texture. Freeze the cooled baby corn in an airtight bag or container.
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