Raw Demerara Sugar

Raw demerara sugar is a minimally refined, large-grained sugar derived from sugarcane. It is characterized by its pale amber color and subtle molasses flavor. Named after the Demerara region in Guyana, this sugar is now produced in several other countries, including Belize and the Mauritius Islands. Popular in both baking and cocktail recipes, demerara sugar imparts a rich taste and slight crunch to baked goods or a pleasant sweetness to beverages. Its large crystals are also used as a decorative touch on pastries and desserts, as they can maintain their shape under moderate heat.
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raw demerara sugar
Raw Demerara Sugar FAQ
Cooking with demerara sugar can be a delightful experience as it adds both a sweet taste and a great texture to your dishes. However, its unique characteristics often toughen the cooking process and perplex many kitchen enthusiasts. People often go wrong by using it interchangeably with regular white or brown sugar, overlooking the fact that demerara has larger crystals and a distinctive flavor. To get the most out of demerara sugar, remember that it is excellent for sprinkling on dishes where you want to add a crunch. It is particularly brilliant on top of muffins, gingerbread, crumbles, and pies, or even stirred into coffee or cocktails for a sweet, caramel-like note. A lesser-known tip is to use demerara sugar in savory dishes. It acts as an excellent glaze on meats like ham and can bring a new level of flavor to your BBQ sauce or marinades. Keep in mind it melts and caramelizes faster than regular sugar due to its high molasses content. Now, let's delve into some frequently asked questions about demerara sugar.
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Expiration & Storage Tips
When does raw demerara sugar expire?
If stored properly, raw demerara sugar can last indefinitely, though its best flavor will be enjoyed within two years. It does not typically have an expiration date on the package, but once opened, if not stored ideally, the texture can change due to exposure to air causing it to clump or become hard.
How do you tell if raw demerara sugar is bad?
Raw Demerara sugar doesn't necessarily spoil, but it may become hard and lumpy over time. It should still be safe to eat, but its texture may no longer be desirable for cooking or baking. If you notice any discoloration or off smell, then it's best to discard it as it might have been exposed to moisture and thus is at risk of mold or bacterial growth.
Tips for storing raw demerara sugar to extend shelf life
• Keep raw demerara sugar in an airtight container to prevent it from hardening. • Store the container in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight or heat. The pantry is a common and suitable location. • If the sugar becomes hard, you can soften it by placing a damp paper towel in the container overnight, but ensure to remove it the next day to prevent moisture build-up. • Freezing is not recommended for raw demerara sugar. It can create additional moisture when thawed and make the sugar clumpy.
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