Apricot Preserves

Apricot preserves are a sweet, slightly tangy, fruit-based spread made from fresh or dried apricots. This thick, gel-like condiment is widely used in various culinary applications, from breakfast spreads to glazes and flavoring for a range of dishes. Rich in natural sugars and fruit acids, apricot preserves provide a fruity sweetness that complements savory and mildly sweet dishes and pastries. Apricot preserves offer a convenient way to enjoy the flavor of apricots all year round. They are often used in baking, filling cookies, tarts, and cakes, or spooned onto toast, scones, and yogurt. The fruit's natural pectin content creates a smooth texture that is perfect for home cooks looking for a versatile addition to their pantry.
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Apricot Preserves FAQ
Apricot preserves are a versatile ingredient that can add a gust of summer freshness to many dishes. In cooking, apricot preserves are used for baking pastries, as a marinate or glaze for different meats, and even as a mix in delicious cocktails. People commonly go wrong when they use too much of it due to its sweetness. Lesser known is that you can reduce the sweetness by adding a little bit of salt or other savoury spices, which help balance out the sugary tinge. Getting most out of apricot preserves can be an experiment. Using them as dressing on roast vegetables, mixing into barbecue sauce for a citrus tinge, or even using them as a jam in sandwiches can be some creative ways. One thing to be aware of is that heating the preserves can often intensify the flavour. A good hack to glaze meats is to mix the preserves with red-wine vinegar or soy sauce to temper the sweetness. Another lesser known tip is that they are a great guitar cleaner! The organic compounds can create a beautiful glow on the guitar body, without being abrasive.
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Expiration & Storage Tips
When does apricot preserves expire?
Unopened apricot preserves can stay good for about 1-2 years when stored at room temperature, as long as it is kept away from heat and light. The 'Best By' date on the packaging can also be utilized as a guideline, although keep in mind that preserves can often be safe to consume beyond this date if stored correctly. Once opened, apricot preserves should be refrigerated and will maintain best quality for about 6-12 months, although they will remain safe to use after. If frozen to extend shelf life, these can last for up to 12-18 months.
How do you tell if apricot preserves is bad?
Determine if apricot preserves have gone bad by checking for noticeable changes. If you see mold growing, which could be in colours like green, blue, white, or grey on the surface, or find a strange or off smell, it's time to discard the preserves. The texture might also change, with the preserves becoming either too runny or too hard, and the color might darken.
Tips for storing apricot preserves to extend shelf life
• Store unopened apricot preserves in a cool, dry, and dark pantry away from any heat sources. • After opening, reseal the preserves tightly with the original lid and place them in the refrigerator to preserve the quality. • Always use a clean, dry spoon to scoop out the preserves – any moisture or food residue can introduce bacteria that can spoil the preserve. • You can freeze apricot preserves if you need to store them for a longer period. Prior to freezing, transfer preserves to an air-tight, freezer-safe container or bag. To defrost, simply move the frozen preserves to the refrigerator and allow it to thaw overnight.
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