White Candy Coating

White candy coating, also known as white confectionery coating or white almond bark, is a versatile and easy-to-use ingredient popular for its smooth, creamy texture and sweet vanilla flavor. It is primarily made up of sugar, vegetable oil, and milk powder, providing a consistent melt and glossy finish when heated and applied to various confectionery treats. Commonly used by home cooks and professional confectioners alike, white candy coating is ideal for dipping, drizzling, and molding into various shapes. It can be combined with various food colorings and flavors to create visually appealing and delicious treats such as chocolate-covered strawberries, cake pops, truffles, and more.
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White Candy Coating FAQ
When it comes to using white candy coating in the kitchen, many may find the process of melting or tempering it confusing. This ingredient tends to be sensitive to heat, and if not done correctly, can result in a burnt or clumpy mess. One key is to melt the coating slowly, ideally using a double boiler and stirring constantly to ensure even heating. Too high a heat can scorch the coating and ruin its smooth texture. For those looking to color or flavor their candy coating, it's important to use oil-based or powder food coloring and extracts, since water-based versions can cause the coating to seize or harden immediately. In addition, white candy coating can be a bit plain tasting. Pairing with other flavors such as citrus zest, edible flower petals or crushed nuts can enhance it’s overall taste. Never refrigerate to speed up the hardening process of the white candy coating as it can make it chalky and thick. Instead let it harden at room temperature for the best results.
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Expiration & Storage Tips
When does white candy coating expire?
Unopened white candy coating can usually last up to 24 months when stored properly. Once it has been opened, it should be safe to use within 12 months, although its texture and taste may start to deteriorate after 6 months. White candy coating can also be frozen to extend its lifetime up to 36 months. However, white candy coating can expire sooner than these guidelines if it's stored in poor conditions such as heat and humidity.
How do you tell if white candy coating is bad?
The easiest way to know if your white candy coating has gone bad is by looking at its visual appearance and smell. If the coating has become discolored, has spots or has developed a foul smell, it's best to throw it away. Moreover, if it does not melt as it usually should or has a chalky texture, it is likely expired.
Tips for storing white candy coating to extend shelf life
• Store your white candy coating in a cool, dark, and dry place away from direct sunlight like a pantry. • If it comes in a resealable package, make sure to seal it properly after each use. If it doesn't, transfer it to an airtight container to keep it fresh. • You can freeze white candy coating for long-term storage. Wrap it tightly in plastic or put it in a freezer-friendly container before placing it in the freezer. Allow it to slowly thaw in the refrigerator before using it. • Always use clean and dry utensils when handling the candy coating to prevent contamination from moisture or other food particles.
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