Skittles is a popular brand of fruit-flavored, chewy candies. First introduced in 1974, the candies are sold in small bags and a variety of flavors, each featuring a colorful "S" insignia on its surface. Most recognizable are the original five flavors: strawberry, green apple, grape, lemon, and orange, which offer a mix of sweetness and tartness that appeal to candy lovers of all ages.
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Skittles FAQ
Skittles are a versatile, delicious candy that can surprisingly be used in many ways, besides being gobbled down by handfuls. People often experiment by incorporating them into desserts, cocktails, or even as decorative elements in crafts. Some common concerns include how to incorporate Skittles into recipes without the flavors overpowering the other elements, or how to use them aesthetically in food and DIY crafts. A common mistake people make is using too many Skittles at once, which results in an overly sweet or clashing flavor. When using Skittles in recipes, we recommend the golden rule of 'less is more' and ensure that the Skittles flavors complement the other ingredients used. To get the most out of Skittles, keep in mind that they melt pretty easily, and this melted liquid can be used in various recipes. You can also leave Skittles in vodka to make Skittles infused vodka – an excellent way to add some color and fun to your drinks! A little-known trick is to sort Skittles by colour if you want a certain flavor and color scheme for your desserts or crafts. While it can be a little time-consuming, your orange cake, for instance, will look much more stunning with just orange and yellow Skittles. Furthermore, if you're crafting and need an adhesive, Skittles can serve that purpose too! Liquid Skittles, made by dissolving candies in a bit of water, can work as an emergency glue for paper or cardboard. Amazing, right?
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Expiration & Storage Tips
When does skittles expire?
Skittles typically come with a 'best before' date printed on their packaging, which usually fall 15 to 18 months after production. This timeframe is a safe bet for enjoying your skittles at their freshest. However, skittles are a type of Hard candy that doesn't expire quickly and can last up to even 2 to 3 years past the printed date unopened, when stored under ideal conditions. Once opened, the candy will still be safe to consume for about 2 to 6 months but will however start to lose its optimal texture and flavor.
How do you tell if skittles is bad?
Generally, skittles will not become 'bad' in the sense that they become inedible or harmful to consume. However, they do deteriorate in quality over time. If your skittles have become hard, chalky, discolored, or if they have developed a strange odor, it's best to toss them. The changes in texture and color are the result of moisture absorption, which can also lead to the candy sticking together, making it less pleasant to eat.
Tips for storing skittles to extend shelf life
• Always store skittles in a cool, dry place. Avoid areas with high humidity or temperature variations, as both can accelerate the loss of quality. • Once the pack is opened, transfer the remaining skittles to an airtight container or resealable plastic bag to minimize exposure to air and moisture. • Skittles do not require refrigeration. In fact, refrigerating or freezing them may affect their texture making them too hard. • Keep skittles away from spices or aromatic substances as they can absorb odors easily.
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