Gumdrops are a popular type of chewy, sugary gummy candy that comes in very specific drop shape. These sweet treats are made primarily from sugar, glucose syrup, starch, and flavoring, often derived from fruit or spices. The unique texture of gumdrops is a result of the addition of gelatin or pectin, which gives them a more tender yet bouncy consistency compared to other candies. Gumdrops are commonly used as colorful decorations for baking and confectionery projects, like adorning gingerbread houses or as festive cupcake toppers. They are also enjoyed as a standalone candy, often found in pick-and-mix selections and in assortments like Dots a well-known gumdrop brand.
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Gumdrop FAQ
Gumdrops are a sweet, chewy, and versatile candy. Their bright, fun colors and unique texture make them a great choice for decorating desserts and other culinary projects. However, people might not know some of the best ways to use gumdrops, how to ensure they don't end up too hard or too soft in the cooking process, or what's the best way to incorporate them into recipes. The key to getting the most out of gumdrops is understanding how to use them as decorations effectively and how the heat will affect their consistency during baking. Little known tips include using gumdrops to color and flavor homemade marshmallows, or even in a funky twist in savory dishes. While it might be tempting to just sprinkle them onto your treats, for better control and aesthetics, it's often a better idea to strategically place them. Always remember to push them gently onto the surface of your baked goods once they have cooled slightly to ensure they stick. Overheating gumdrops could result in them melting and losing their shape - so it's usually a good idea to add them towards the end of the baking process or on already baked treats. You may also want to dust your knife with a bit of granulated sugar when cutting gumdrops to prevent sticking.
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Expiration & Storage Tips
When does gumdrop expire?
Packaged gumdrops remain fresh and tasty for about 9-12 months if unopened and stored in a cool, dry place. However, once opened, their lifespan decreases to about 6 months. Likewise, leftover gumdrops from open packages or bulk candy stores should be consumed within 3-6 months for best taste. Note, gumdrops don't typically 'expire' in the sense that they become unsafe to eat, but rather they start to lose their flavor and become hard and less enjoyable after certain time frames. Freezing is not a common or recommended method for extending the life of gumdrops.
How do you tell if gumdrop is bad?
While gumdrops don't typically become unsafe to eat, you can tell they're past their prime when they start to lose their vibrant color, become hard and excessively sticky, or display a white crystallized sugar coating. Their taste will also lessen or change, becoming less fruity and more like plain old sugar.
Tips for storing gumdrop to extend shelf life
• Store gumdrops in a cool and dry place, such as a pantry, to maintain their freshness and avoid melting. • Keep the gumdrops in their original packaging until you're ready to consume them. Once opened, transfer remaining gumdrops into a resealable bag or airtight container. • Try to consume open packages within a few months for optimal taste. Remember, they're at their best when chewy, soft, and bursting with flavor. • While counter-intuitive, avoid refrigerating or freezing gumdrops as this can alter their texture and make them hard or sticky.
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